The following is a collection of microbiome-related publications from JCVI.

Li K, Bihan M, et al.
Analyses of the Stability and Core Taxonomic Memberships of the Human Microbiome.

PloS One. 2013 May 01; 8: e63139.[more]

Li K, Bihan M, et al.
Analyses of the Microbial Diversity Across the Human Microbiome.

PloS One. 2012 Jul 01; 7: e32118.[more]

Methé BA, Nelson KE, et al.
A Framework for Human Microbiome Research.

Nature. 2012 Jun 14; 486. : 215-21.[more]

Huttenhower C, Gevers D, et al.
Structure, Function and Diversity of the Healthy Human Microbiome.

Nature. 2012 Jun 14; 486. : 207-14.[more]

Ward DV, Gevers D, et al.
Evaluation of 16S RDNA-based Community Profiling for Human Microbiome Research.

PloS One. 2012 Apr 01; 7: e39315.[more]

Cuív PÓ, Klaassens ES, et al.
Draft Genome Sequence of Bacteroides vulgatus PC510, a Strain Isolated from Human Feces.

Journal of bacteriology. 2011 Aug 01; 193: 4025-6.[more]

Yilmaz P, Kottmann R, et al.
Minimum Information About a Marker Gene Sequence (MIMARKS) and Minimum Information About Any (x) Sequence (MIxS) Specifications.

Nature Biotechnology. 2011 May 01; 29: 415-20.[more]

Tian, Y., He, X., et al.
Using DGGE Profiling to Develop a Novel Culture Medium Suitable for Oral Microbial Communities

Mol Oral Microbiol. 2010 Oct 01; 25(5): 357-67.[more]

Li, K., Venter, E., et al.
ANDES: Statistical Tools for the ANalyses of DEep Sequencing

BMC Res Notes. 2010 Jul 15; 3(1): 199.[more]

Pei, A. Y., Oberdorf, W. E., et al.
Diversity of 16S RRNA Genes Within Individual Prokaryotic Genomes

Appl Environ Microbiol. 2010 Jun 01; 76(12): 3886-3897.[more]

Bik, E. M., Long, C. D., et al.
Bacterial Diversity In the Oral Cavity of 10 Healthy Individuals

Isme J. 2010 Mar 25; 4(8): 962-74.[more]

Sipos, M., Jeraldo, P., et al.
Robust Computational Analysis of RRNA Hypervariable Tag Datasets

PLoS One. 2010 Jan 01; 5(12): e15220.[more]

Chain, P. S., Grafham, D. V., et al.
Genomics. Genome Project Standards In a New Era of Sequencing

Science. 2009 Oct 09; 326(5950): 236-7.[more]

Gill, S. R., Pop, M., et al.
Metagenomic Analysis of the Human Distal Gut Microbiome

Science. 2006 Jun 02; 312(5778): 1355-9.[more]

Bik, E. M., Eckburg, P. B., et al.
Molecular Analysis of the Bacterial Microbiota In the Human Stomach

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006 Jan 04; 103(3): 732-7.[more]

Eckburg, P. B., Bik, E. M., et al.
Diversity of the Human Intestinal Microbial Flora

Science. 2005 Apr 14; 308: 1635-1638.[more]

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